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» Upgrade The Music In Your Dental Practice

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We created Smile Radio for dental offices that think music is important part of their practice. The music you play in your dental practice can affect your patients’ comfort as well as the staff’s productivity and energy level.

Smile Radio is a better music service for dentist offices that care about what they hear. Local FM stations or Sirius/XM aren’t designed for all day or in-office listening. Our fully licensed, digital music channels are customized around the unique needs of the professional dental office environment in a way satellite radio or local radio can’t be.

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» Smile Radio Founder


I’m Dave Rahn.   I grew up in a family of dentists and today many of my good friends are dentists.  Somehow, I ended up in the radio and music business rather than following in my father’s and grandfather’s  footsteps.  Read more.

» The Power Of Music

Dr. Anil Idiculla, Park Meadows Orthodontics“The power of music is highly underrated in today’s offices.  It affects your patients, your team members, and more importantly, your daily productivity.  With the numerous choices of music options out there,  it can be very overwhelming to decide what the best option is.  For us it was clear.  Smile Radio is the total package… current music with extensive playlists.  No other option will take your office to the next level.”

- Dr. Anil Idiculla
Park Meadows Othodontics

“Dr. I”  grew up in Philadelphia and attended the University of Pennsylvania as an undergrad and later for his orthodontics residency.  Visit Dr. Idiculla at

» Real Dentists Love Smile Radio

Mike Golinvaux

“We had been listening to local FM radio here at Metropolitan Dental Care. We liked the music but got tired of the talk, the commercials, and hearing the same songs too often. Now that we’ve been playing Smile Radio in our dental offices, I can’t imagine going back to regular radio. Smile Radio is easy and it sounds so much better. If you don’t believe me, drop me an email I’ll tell you more.

-Mike Golinvaux, D.D.S.,
drmike @

Mike is a founding partner of Metropolitan Dental Care with two locations in Denver. He grew up in Minneapolis and graduated from University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.